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DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone With Hard Case Including Laser Cut Foam

Our bundle consists of a Phantom 3 Proffesional drone and a super reliable polypropylene plastic water proof case primarily developed for DJI Phantom three Proffesional & Advanced.

The case exudes quality as well as precision engineering, this case will last for many years and also could provide protection  for your Phantom in virtually any situation. The case is extremely strong and definitely water-resistant.

The case can take a Phantom 3 Profesional or Superior, both complete with legs on, blades on, there is a customized decrease area for transmitter, battery charger, 3x batteries, tools and so forth.


A completed 4K digicam and also three-axis gimbal device come built-in with the Phantom 3 Expert version drone from DJI.

Along with video, the digicam is able store up to 12MP still pictures using JPEG or non-proprietary DNG RAW structure.

The three axes of the gimbal provide you with pan and tilt manage, as well as preserve the horizon line level while the drone banks.

Various gimbal setups allow the digicam to lock onto a hard and fast self-control, be moved manually the use of transmitter rotaries or the app, or to readily provide digicam stabilization.

Our bundle of the Phantom three is classed as "ready-to-fly." the fundamentals to get you in the air very easily, a battery, charger, and pre-bound handheld transmitter (radio controller) among them.

Depending on your software, you may additionally require a microSD card for on-board camera recording, additional flight batteries and probably other add-ons.

Also observe that a few crucial compass and GPS calibration steps ought to be carried out earlier before flying, to be sure the flight control operates as it should be.

Please review with the overview or Quick Distribution Overview earlier than your very first flight. Phantom 3 Flight Manage Gadget Leading Controller The worry of processing and checking out flight information in precise time it taken up with the aid of the Leading Controller, the minds of the digital trip manage tool.

  • Integrated Stabilized 4K Digicam
  • Easy to Fly with Superior Autopilot
  • Ultrasonic Imaginative and prescient Positioning Sensors
  • 1x Clever Flight Batteries
  • Super Effective Polypropylene Case

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