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Jonathan commented 3 years ago

I came across a interesting article which i wanted to share, the article Best Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites and Blogs 101 can be found at

This blog has a list of the top adsense revenue share sites and the revenue schemes they offer, I wanted to share this information we you so we can have a comparison on what we offer at 

What we offer:

An author enters their own Amazon affiliate code into the relevant section of their control dashboard.

The author then creates content.

Each time a site visitor views one of the authors contributed content, Adsense adverts or Amazon adverts are displayed on the page.

If the author is a standard author Amazon adverts with his code will be shown 40% of the time.

If the author is an upgraded author Amazon adverts with his code will be shown 70% of the time.

Because the Amazon adverts have the authors own code inserted, any earnings will be paid directly into their own  Amazon account.



Guest commented 1 year ago

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