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Everyone desires for the highest paying jobs. However, only some people know how to get the high paying job. In this competitive age, you can survive even you didn’t get high scores in the student life. The key thing is that you should always learn something new. The IT exams are significant in learning the latest technology. Appear for the Microsoft’s exams. The 70-762 exam was introduced in 2016. It examines your skills relevant to SQL server. It is taken in the English language.

You’ll have to solve the quizzes on design and apply database objects on this exam. This category occupies 25% to 30% questions on the 70-762 exam. It has a few categories. For instant, you’ll have to solve the questions on designing and applying indexes. How to design and apply views is also part of this exam. Apply columnstore indexes.

The next category is apply programmability objects. You’ll have to answer 20% to 25% questions about it on the exam. You should ensure data integrity with necessities. How to create the stored processes is another topic for this category. A few more categories are also linked with it. You should learn them thoroughly before appearing for the exam.

The next unit for the 70-762 exam is how to manage the database concurrency. You will have to answer the quizzes relevant to implementing transactions. How to manage isolation levels is another sub-unit of the exam. Troubleshooting the locking issues along with a few other topics is also part of this exam.

The last segment has 20 percent to 25 percent questions on the exam. Optimize the database purpose and SQL infrastructure is the name of this unit. Analyze and troubleshoot the query plans is a sub-unit. How to optimize the statistics and indexes is also part of this exam. Some more sub-segments are also part of the exam.

Preparation of the 70-762 exam isn’t as tough as you think. You can pass the exam even on your first attempt. It depends how you prepare for the exam. You should prepare for the exam from the dump. It saves time. The dump is available in the PDF format. You can download the dump once you pay the payment. It can be downloaded instantly. It has all questions that come on the real exam. Moreover, the IT professionals solve the questions of the dump. As a result, you pass the exam on the first attempt.



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