AVANU Load Balancers -WebMux Virtual Server Load Balancer
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 AVANU Load Balancers -WebMux Virtual Server Load Balancer

AVANU is a leading provider of both physical and software IP-based WebMux load balancers. Their product set  is a flawless  amalgamation of low cost and  high-performance. The WebMux load balancers are easy-to-deploy with solid-state-assured high reliability thereby ensuring optimum performance.

The assembly is performed in the USA, incorporating top-quality components manufactured by authenticated US companies.  AVANU strives for high reliability, feature rich, and throughput at an affordable price.   It is a complete solution  with no additional licensing  required to unlock the advanced features.

The WebMux code is in development since  1987 and  has  been certified  by globally renowned companies like Microsoft® and  Oracle®.   The load balancing platforms deliver unmatched reliability with the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership.

The product set supports customer regulatory compliance requirement, including FIPS 140-2 validated encryption, security patches, Trade Agreements Act (TAA), and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

AVANU has a dedicated Research and Development team. The team is continually working to enhance the firmware to support tailored  customer needs for additional feature enhancements and compliance requirements.

The product range for load balancers fit every type  of organizational environment.  All product variations are equipped with the same feature functionality set but vary in max throughput and processing capabilities.  This makes them a leading supplier of load balancers for both small and large organizations.

Benefits of AVANU Load Balancers:

The WebMux is a server load balancing and traffic management network appliance.  It incorporates key  networking functionality into a rack-mountable 1U form factor appliance, including Layer 4 through Layer 7 load balancing and  advanced traffic management, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) accelerating, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection, and other security services. The WebMux load balancer manages incoming client traffic and  directs to a pool so that  no one server  is overloaded. An optimized load balancing algorithm uses minimal overhead, requiring no software interfacing or other resource contention.

The granular automatic health checks automatically evaluate the functionality of the servers in the pool.
If a problem is identified, the traffic client traffic is automatically directed to another available server. 

Real servers are added and drained from the server farm without disrupting existing sessions. This type of functionality enables non-intrusive maintenance windows while increasing network capacity and application scalability at the same time.

Improved scalability allows the ability to scale back-end resources with ease. Trying to scale applications with individual code configuration is a challenge. It’s far more  commendable to allocate a load balancing device that sits outside the application logic to perform this type of functionality.

The solid features and high performance of the AVANU product sets help organizations overcome the problematic landscape at an affordable cost.

To know More Visit us at <a href="http://avanu.com/network-traffic-manager-webmux/"> Network Traffic Manager </a>, <a href="http://avanu.com/webmux-virtual-server-load-balancer/"> Server Load Balancers </a>, <a href="http://avanu.com/webmux-network-load-balancing-methods-solutions/"> WebMux-Network Load Balancing Methods /Solutions </a> , <a href="http://avanu.com/application-delivery-network-Controller/"> Application Delivery Network Controller(ADC)</a>

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