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Trio is proud to announce that Trio Tots, the most spacious preschool in Bangalore which has
been presented with an award for "Innovation in Preschool Curriculum" at the World
Education Summit 2015, New Delhi. Trio has decided to bring the calibre of Trio Tots' world
class education to HSR Layout with its brand new center. This Preschools believes in keeping
the magic of childhood alive throughout the journey of learning. We have lovingly put
together a wondrous world where learning is by default, in an enchanted environment with
love, respect and plenty of fun
TRIO TOTS Preschool nurtures young, global learners up to the age of 5 years, through a
systematic and wholesome development process. The Trio Tots curriculum is built on the
robust fundamentals of Kindergarten, Montessori and incorporates the principle of Multiple
Intelligence. It offers a healthy, soothing and naturally lit atmosphere for the little ones to
explore, discover, learn & grow. We have our own preschools branches in Sahakar
Nagar and HSR Layout. Trio Tots serves as a stepping stone for little ones into Trio World
School's comprehensive ICSE programme. You may also choose to enroll them into
international curricula (IB and Cambridge), under Trio World Academy, based on the
availability of seats.TRIO TOTS offers playgroup for children of the age of 2 years, Nursery for the age group of 3 years, Kindergarten 1 and 2 for children of 4 years and 5 years respectively. Playgroup introduces children to the intriguing world of play based learning and exploration. Nursery aims to engage children through vivid storytelling, poems, music, art and physical activity. Special audio-visual rooms and learning labs have been created to aid in the nursery course. KG 1 and KG 2 curricula have been prepared to create a smooth transition into higher classes. Children at these levels are introduced to new conceptual learning methods. The foundation for important skills like reading, writing, self-control, conversation, and cooperation is established here. Our HSR Layout preschool also offers Day Care facility.

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