Teleporter Live Video Streaming System
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Teleporter Live Video Streaming System

Streamer is a used to stream live video to website by bonding with the cellular or modem based 3G / 4G connections. It is also called as a bonding device to stream live videos to the website and any other digital network. You can connect your video switch through any Ethernet cable to start streaming the live video to the website or any other preferable network like CDN (Content Delivery Network). As you are using the 3G / 4G modem connections, the video quality will be high and using the video settings to make the quality as reliable and quite professional.

  • Just plug the USB 3G/4G cards and stream the live video
  • You can use the Streamer unit with your existing video switch unit
  • The streaming will be reliable with high bit and frame rates

Teleporter is a video transmission technology. This helps in delivering the video in the local remote locations to the head quarter. Teleporter can be widely used for broadcasting TV channels, it helps to deliver the video by transmitting through internet bonding tools with high quality, high reliability and very low glass-to-glass latency.

Video Streaming over bonded cellular - TelePorter enables live video streaming over bonded cellular data cards. The integrated Video Optimization Module and adaptive video encoder algorithms optimizes the bonded IP transport for live video streaming in real time and avoids any need for a satellite uplink or microwave link. You can stream to your head office or directly to the web.

Low latency video streaming - TelePorter provides very low glass to glass latency during live video transmission, enabling interactive video applications, such as live interviews, breaking news and live events etc.

High reliability video streaming - TelePorter leverages a technology based on Network Calculus that minimizes the effects of the wireless channel variations of the cellular links and therefore enabling a very highly reliable video feed.

High quality video streaming - The cutting-edge resource allocation algorithms at the mobile location, combined with the custom video encoder provides a high quality live video transmission with high resolution and high frame rate.

Adaptive video Streaming - TelePorter dynamically adapts to the available bandwidth in realtime seamlessly and provides the best possible video feed at any given time.

Broadcast standard inputs & mounts - TelePorter uses industry standards, including S-video, composite video, SDI inputs from the camera. The TelePorter field unit can directly be attached to your camera via the Anton-Bauer mount. The Anton-Bauer battery will power both the TelePorter field unit and the camera.

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