The Services You Will Get At A RockShox Service Center
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The Services You Will Get At A RockShox Service Center

Suspension performance plays a vital role in the way bikes ride. When you do a wrong setup or neglect attending a RockShox service center for regular servicing, there are chances that you will bounce off the rail without control. When the settings have been properly done, you will be in a haven of absorbing bumps and enjoying rides. You will also blitz through rocky sections, sending drops, blasting bumps and enjoying your ride.

Many riders do not know that RockShox provides the ability to tune and tweak many settings like air spring. The beautiful aspect about a RockShox service center is the ease of tuning it. It requires you to be courageous enough to install several tokens, grab a wrench, and see the way things will be feeling. Your ride will improve by surprise.

The services offered at these centers will focus on common maintenance and tuning RockShox products, SRAM brakes, and reverb dropper posts. Most of these centers are open to receiving orders from both consumers and retailers and will ensure that the product is ready for collection within two working days of reception.

You will also get expert services from a RockShox service center that has been in the business for an extended period. The right technician needs to have traveled in many places providing technical support at races and events and holding specialized clinics for retailers. The technicians should also have modern technology and friendly demeanor to keep suspensions and customers happy.

The general services that you can get from a regular RockShox service center include travel adjustments, custom tunes, spring replacement, air can service, and line bleeds. You will also be able to get suspension settings that will suit different rider requirements. You will also get custom valving for forks and shocks to create suitable dumping characteristics.

These centers also have many suspension products which provide tailored solutions to suit particular suspensions. You will also access different settings for various applications to suit different riders riding styles and weight. A good RockShox service center treats all customers differently by offering specialized setup and settings. Many shocks and forks at these centers have different tuning for every client. You have an option of discussing your needs with the service attendants for giving your fork specified settings.

These centers will make a combination of full service that will make a difference in performance and riding enjoyment. The other services available here include RockShox repair and service, rear shock repair and service, and front suspension repair and service.

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