Token Of Love For New And Expectant Dads
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Token Of Love For New And Expectant Dads

Holding the baby in his arms for the very first time must have had been the greatest feeling of his life. Those tiny fingers, small eyes and little feet surely have given him a sense of responsibility with a sign that being a parent is not going to be easy peasy. Restless nights, skipping meals and sacrificing the privacy- parenting for the first time is not as easy as walking in the park. For all the first-time dads and those expecting the arrival of a newborn, this Father’s Day we have compiled a pile of gifts that will not only make their lives a bit easier but also will help them relax in their rare free time.

Have a look and pick the ones you need for the new and expectant dads in your life.

First-time dad beer bottle labels

This year’s Father’s Day is going to be a big day for him-after all it’s his first time. He definitely needs a tap on the back for all the hard work he continues to do right after the arrival of the little angel. As we all know, being a first-time dad can be both challenging and exciting. These themed beer bottles designed specially to let all the dads toast to everyday first father milestones. From the first time alone with the baby to first diaper explosion, every single father-child moment can be celebrated in the best way possible with these adorable beer bottle labels, and they’re also a great deal of fun for the dad to drink from as well.

Everyday Photobook

Presents for first-time dads must evoke pleasant memories that he can always look back on. An everyday photo book would be perfect for honoring the novel and amazing role that fathers and dads-to-be plays. For all that he is experiencing and many more yet to discover, this book will give a lifelong habit of giving permanence to moments spent as a family. Years later, when you and your baby together will look back on this book, your child will thank you for giving him the chance to live his childhood.

Night pyjamas

A full night sleep must be high on all the new dad's list. However, we all are well aware of the fact that the first six months with a newborn can be rough and tough. While having a child is one of the main sources of joy, but the demands related to the role definitely leads to sacrifices like shorter sleep and decreased sleep quality. We can’t guarantee you one but can get you something to make those sleepless nights a little easier. Nighttime pyjamas are another one of many thoughtful first-time dad gifts on our list. This Father’s Day snoozing should be a parental right.

Smartphone Handlebar Mount

As a new dad or dad-to-be, you’ve got a bundle of things to cover on your to-do list. So, why not this Father’s Day gift him something that ticks off a box from his shopping list as well as takes off a burden from his shoulders. How about getting him a clip-on smartphone mount? It is definitely the best stroller accessory because this will keep dad’s hands-free for steering.

Wine Freeze Cooling Cup

If he’s madly in love with wine, then wine freeze cooling cup would pose a gift that he might enjoy when he’s off dad duty. You can place this cooling cup in the refrigerator during the hours he’s on dad’s duty. Later, when he gets some spare time from cleaning, changing, feeding and lullabying babies-this ultimate solution for chilling warm wine will bring a big smile on his face. He’s never going to complain about warm wine again for sure!

Illustrated family portrait 

Have you ever wondered what would be the perfect gift for a person who’s just become a father? If you’re in doubt and still without a gift for that new dad in your life, then a personalized gift will definitely speak to Dad. An illustration family portrait is the sweetest way to celebrate the arrival of a little bundle of joy in the family.

A Coffee Box

For all first-time dads, a box filled to the brim with coffee bottles would be the best. For those overnight feeding or diaper changing shifts, a monthly supply of coffee box would be a perfect gift. You can send him a gift subscription or else you can prepare a box with a sweet message on it praising him for all the efforts he’s making to raise his little angle.


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