Heathrow Airport Taxi Transfer Service - Making The Right Choice
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Heathrow Airport Taxi Transfer Service - Making The Right Choice

The problem you have when visiting a foreign country, is knowing a good idea, from a bad idea. We hope to make that a little easier by explaining some simple rules about getting a licensed taxi prearranged before you leave home.


- Make sure the taxi company are licensed

- Make sure you have a confirmed price

- Make sure you have their contact details

- Make sure you arrange your return


Licensed Taxis

All Heathrow airport taxis in the United Kingdom have to be licensed by local authority and so do the drivers, this is for your safety and security. If booking by telephone, Make sure you ask or look at their website for information relating to the fact that they are indeed licensed. Not many illegal taxis would even consider having a website so it is fairly likely that they are licensed if they have a website of their own, this does not mean being in a directory carrying many companies but a website dedicated to their service only. A final check can always be made once you have arrived by making sure the vehicle has a plate or badge naming the licensing authority and identifying the vehicle, if you are uncertain make sure you ask the driver to show you as all licensed Heathrow airport transfer in the UK must by law display such information. The driver should also have an ID badge showing who he is and this must be issued by the same authority as the vehicle licence.

Confirmed Price

When making a booking it is most important to agree a price and have it confirmed by e-mail if possible. UK law states that as long as a price is agreed prior to the journey this is binding, but be careful! Check more than one source for quotes as they can vary dramatically and as long as you agree to the quote they can charge whatever they like! The sensible rule is never to go with the cheapest because as the old saying goes if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is; obviously the same applies to the most expensive as this is just a waste of money. You should also make sure your price includes all parking charges and waiting time charges for your collection at the airport as many companies try to avoid mentioning this to customers as they think you may not book if they tell you the true cost.


Have Their Details


Make sure you take a note of their details as when you arrive in the UK you may need to contact them for any number of reasons such as baggage delay, immigration delay or just that you're a bit lost, you should also try to make sure they have your mobile telephone number in case they need to call you and remember to switch it on when you land as you don't want to go to all this trouble of arranging a safe licensed taxi that can't find you.

Arrange Your Return

It's always best to arrange your return airport trip when you arrive as since you have gone to all the trouble of finding a safe licensed and insured taxi that you are sure will turn up its best to have the same security when going back to the airport for your flight back home.

We hope that you have found this information of use and if you follow these simple rules you should have a pleasant arrival to and departure from the UK.

Getting the right airport taxi service is the best way of making your journey less stressful.

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