Book Your London Airport Minicab Transfer
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Book Your London Airport Minicab Transfer

Any parent, or friends or relatives of parents, will have heard that age old line a hundred times from the mouths of bored children: "Are we there yet?" Long journeys can be a nightmare when you have little ones in the back, so it's important to keep routes as direct and hassle free as possible. One journey that often causes problems for parents is airport transfers. It's bad enough that you'll have to keep your kids quiet and entertained on the flight, so the last thing you want is difficulty on the way there and back! If you're planning Heathrow airport transfers or any other major London airport, it's a good idea to look at your options in advance. It could save you a world of stress on the day.

If you drive, there's the option of taking your own London Southend airport cab. This is an easy choice, but depending on how long you plan to be abroad, it could incur high fees for parking costs at the airport. Check the charges before you travel, and remember to book your space in case the car parks are all full. Another option is to convince a friend or relative to drive you. It's a good idea to offer them petrol money, and depending on how well behaved the children are, you may want to buy them dinner to say thank you as well!

Many families who require Gatwick airport transfers prefer to book private hire London Southend airport minicabs for their journeys to and from the terminal. Most London airport minicab firms have people carriers available, which will fit all of you and your suitcases comfortably (providing you're not a clan of 12!). This usually works out cheaper than paying to leave your car in the London airport car park. A London airport minicab driver will be familiar with the route and with London airport transfers, choosing the quickest and most direct way to get you there; it also leaves your hands free to distract the children!

If your kids are small, it can be a good idea to avoid public transport on long journeys. Trains and buses get very crowded in and around London, and trying to get your entire family with their luggage onto a train at rush hour would be practically impossible. It's also a bit daunting when crowds are pushing and shoving to get on without a thought for little ones getting lost in the scramble.

Whichever method of transport you choose for your London airport transfers, make sure your kids have been to the loo before you set off. When you have a plane to catch, there's no time to turn around for toilet breaks!

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