How To Tell Tree Removal And Trimming Is Needed
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How To Tell Tree Removal And Trimming Is Needed

Tree removal and trimming companies know when a tree needs to be removed or trimmed. However, homeowners may not know how to tell if a tree needs to be removed. Deciding whether or not to have a tree removed isn’t just a practical decision, it’s also something very emotional. Because trees can live many years, even decades, they become family to many homeowners and need to be treated as such. That’s why making the decision to remove a tree is something rather complex and requires a lot of planning and preparation.

When a tree is hazardous, the potential for falling limbs or debris makes it a danger to both people living on or nearby the property and those walking by. While it’s true that dead or dying trees can stay in place for many years with the right maintenance and trimming, eventually a dead or dying tree’s condition will necessitate a removal.

Determining Factors in Tree Removal

Is the tree healthy?

If more than 50% of the tree is damaged or deemed hazardous, it’s important that the tree is removed right away. A tree in this type of state of decline may pose serious risk to people or nearby properties.

Homeowners need to remove a tree in this state right away. Homeowners should inspect the tree for signs of inhibited or halted growth, strange appearance, or weird shapes. Trees that are damaged by herbicides often show abnormal growth characteristics or have misshapen leaves, which indicate the overall health of the tree is in question.

Is the tree hollow?

Hollowed out trees are a sign of significant decline in health. While crucial support structures may still be in place despite having a hollow trunk, the compromised trunk strength makes a tree very dangerous. If one quarter of the tree is hollow, then It’s time for tree removal.

Is there damage to the trunk?

If the tree has damage to the trunk, such as cracks, dead branches or visible wounds, then it’s time for tree removal.  If the tree has experienced a traumatic impact, it’s possible that the tree will need to be removed. If less than 20% of the trunk is damaged, the wound could be healed and the tree can continue to lead a healthy live.

Are there missing or dead branches?

Trees exhibiting large dead branches or those that have damage to their top branches are a huge risk to nearby people or property. If fewer than 25% of branches are damaged or missing, the tree can be treated. Crossed and rubbing branches can weaken main branches and compromise the integrity of the tree. These branches can be removed if the tree is a young tree.

Homeowners looking for tree removal and trimming should always hire a professional do the job.

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