5 Interesting Testing Tools For Software Testing:
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5 Interesting Testing Tools For Software Testing:

5 Interesting Testing Tools for Software Testing:


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1. Robotium:

It allows you to a write function, system and user acceptance test scenarios. The good thing

is that you require minimal knowledge for the application under test. You can easily read

the test cases, and execution of the test case is very fast. Robotium is the fastest, most

accurate and stable Android test automation framework. You can use it for both native and

hybrid applications. You can write powerful tests for Android applications. It writes solid test

cases in minimum time. You can easily integrate with Ant, Gradle and Maven to run tests

for continuous integration. The robotium can be used even if you have only APK file.

2. Selendoriod:

Selendoroid is a powerful test automation framework. You can use it for different types of

mobile application. Selendroid can run at emulators as well as devices. Selendroid supports

multiple gestures. You can use it for multiples Android App. The app does not modify during

the test. It has built-in inspector tool to build the test case. It interacts with multiple

devices. It is based on the Android Instrumentation framework. Selendroid has four major

components Selendroid standlone, android driver app, selendroid server and web driver

client. It facilitates hot plugging of hardware devices.


3. Ranorex:

Ranorex tools are designed to automate mobile and mobile web testing on physical Android

and iOS devices. It is for testers and developers. You will have code based or script free test

automation. It can be tested on real devices. You can easily create tests and executes on

the real devices. It also offers end-to-end application testing. It easily integrates with the

system. This mobile automated testing tools offers benefit like no need to root your device,

easily set up the mobile device for automated testing, creation of script free mobile tests,

automated end-to-end tests, and instantly update the tests and get feedback.

4. TestFairy:

If you are looking for a mobile testing platform, then TestFairy is for you. It gives companies

with detailed crash and log reports of mobile sessions. You can know in advance how the

users are using your app and decipher their behaviour. You can fix your bug faster than

ever before. The app will inform you about what happens before the application crash

without talking to the users. The fully detailed crash reports are uploaded to JIR A, Slack

platforms and help you understand what happened before the things went wrong. The

network errors are easily traced. You get detailed logs (logcat, NSLog) and easily analyze

what went wrong. It fits into the workflow perfectly.

5. Calabash:

The automated acceptance tests can be easily created and executed for mobile apps. The

libraries help to communicate with the native as well as hybrid apps. The calabash is a

cross-platform and supports Android as well as iOS native Apps. It contains a number of end

user actions like gestures, assertions and screenshots. The calabash is an open source. You

can download it for free. It is developed and maintained by Xamarin. Xamarin offers both

the automation framework and device cloud. As per the customer needs there is a facility of

continuous improvements to Cashbalsh. It easily integrates with the devices.

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