American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Certification Is Not Your Only Choice
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American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Certification Is Not Your Only Choice

If you are a water person who loves to spend most of your time at pools and if you're willing to consider taking a job at a swimming pool then lifeguard positions can actually be an excellent job opportunity for those who are looking to supplement their income. You can even make your part-time lifeguarding job into a full time satisfying career as this position gives you lots of benefits. In order to start your career as professional Lifeguard Trainer, you need to pass the required lifeguard training and must complete the professional level course.

The job of Lifeguard is a skilled position and there are higher ranges of salaries for this position than most other jobs. Depending on the location and state, the pay range may vary significantly and some lifeguard positions working on the beaches of California can make more than $200k per year according to Also, a part-time lifeguard working at swimming pools and water parks can make between $8 to 20 dollars per hour. So, there are lots of benefits for this position and to achieve this job, you need to get certified as lifeguard instructor from a reputable organization.

Lifeguard-Pro is the most reputable and internationally recognized agency and the certification from this organization is recognized and accepted for employment in all 50 U.S. states and over 30 countries across the globe. Lifeguard Instructor Courses at Lifeguard-Pro offer online coursework which allows the candidates to work at their own pace online and it helps the students to choose the learning hours according to their comfort. Over the course of training, you'll become comfortable with performing perform CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automated External Defibrillators) treatment which helps to shock a heart into a normal rhythm. You'll also learn to provide care for breathing and cardiac injuries.

Our professional level training courses will help you learn to perform water rescues for distressed swimmers and applying proper CPR & First Aid. You'll become an expert in preventing and responding to emergencies in the water. To learn and achieve all these skills, you need to attend all the classes and pass a written test and must successfully complete skill scenarios. After qualifying in all tests you'll receive a new industry-leading Lifeguard-Pro Lifeguarding Instructor (not the old American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor ) certification. With this certification, you can apply for any lifeguard instructor position with confidence all over the world.

If you are looking for best Lifeguard Trainer Course then getting trained and certified at Lifeguard-Pro is the best choice. To start your trainer course, you need to start the training process by registering at All you need to do is:

  • Log in to;
  • Select your certification course;
  • Fill out the Registration form; and,
  • Click "Submit".

For more details about Lifeguard-Pro please visit our website here:

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