Top 5 Reasons Why Dental Implant Bridges Are Better Than Dentures?
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Top 5 Reasons Why Dental Implant Bridges Are Better Than Dentures?

If you have lost some of your teeth whether it is through an accident or incident or gum disease if the teeth you have missing are in a row. You may have been offered by your general dentist the option of having a conventional removable appliance in the form of a denture. 

It is for these reasons that many people like to find a solution, but with a variety of options, such as dental implant bridges and dentures available, But the question is, which is the best one for you?

We have put together some reasons why dental implant bridges are better than dentures, in terms of their natural look and feel, durability, and the confidence they will restore in your smile.


Durable and Longevity: The first reasons why dental implant bridges are better than dentures, is that they are long-lasting, permanent solution to the problem of tooth loss. Because dental implant bridges are used to the jawbone, they act just like your real teeth. As dentures can move or dislodge, they often feel uncomfortable and take some time to get used to, which dental implant bridges don’t.


Easily Maintain Health for Your Mouth: Not only implant bridges easier to maintain than dentures, they are better for your oral health, as a whole. It is the way that dentures are designed means that they need replacing every five to seven years, which, once again, doesn’t help you to forget that you have missing teeth. 

Dental implant bridges don’t need extra care; they can be cleaned and maintained like your real teeth – by brushing and flossing regularly and visiting your dentist every six months for a full cleaning and check-up.


To Prevent deterioration: A dental implant bridge can prevent further deterioration of the jawbone as it is made from titanium, which is both strong and durable. Unfortunately, dentures do not offer the same benefit, and will not protect your jawbone in the same way as a dental implant bridge.


Reliability: By acting just like your real teeth, dental implant bridges keep everything in check in your mouth. They hold your natural face shape, cheeks and jaw in place, and prevent visible sagging from adding years to your appearance.  Dentures are a temporary solution, which has to be replaced every few years, unlike dental implant bridges, which can last a lifetime when taken care of properly.


Functionality – With dental implant bridges you can be safe in the knowledge that no foods are off limit that the dental implant bridges will not break or fall out when eating something. But unlike dentures which can impact on your speech dental implant bridges can give you back your confidence so you will never say No to those social occasions again.


We hope that these benefits have helped you to see how dental implant bridges are better than dentures, If you have any doubt as to what is being treatment planned, what the success is expected to be and go for a second opinion.  

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