How To Select The Right Bird Food?
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How To Select The Right Bird Food?

Many pet lovers think any seeds will be good for their pet birds as ideal bird food. Seeds generally attract widest range of birds and for your backyard bird feeders you would need a few varieties. Sunflower seeds are most popular with the common birds. If you are planning to buy a bird cage from an online shop you can also search for different types of seeds available with them.

Seeds other than sunflower that attract your backyard visitors may be safflower, thistle or Nyjer, white proso millet, peanuts, Milo or sorghum etc. Often, a mixture of oats, red millet and other filler seeds are used for the cage or feeder. But this leads to wastage as the birds do not find this to be attractive enough. So, you may mix golden millet, flax, shelled and cracked corn, rapeseed or canary seed along with the above mentioned seeds to feed your birds.

Online stores keep ready packs of bird food in which different types of sunflower seeds, both striped and the black oil one. The later ones have extremely thin outer shells and therefore birds find them to be easy to open. Their kernels are high on fat and are often preferred by winter birds. On the other hand, striped seeds have thicker shell and therefore you should not keep it for sparrows or blackbirds as they will not be able to crack it. Packaged food for birds may contain other ingredients like legumes, vegetables, healthy grains, fruits and nuts. 

If you are living in an apartment and using shelled sunflower seeds for your birds, then we would suggest that you keep the feed for one or two days. Other than birds, squirrels love it. But without the shells the seeds spoil quickly and harbour bacteria. Since these seeds are expensive you should not spread more at a time. 

Choice of bird cage will also depend upon the place you would keep it and the birds that will be housed in it. For an apartment, one cannot afford to have bigger cages. A medium to small cage will have to be selected. Placement of the cage is also important. The cage should not be kept near the window or drafts. But, put it in a place which is a busy part of the house so that your birds develop social interaction. 

Next comes the size of cage and it strictly depends on the size of your pet. If you have Canary or Finch then a small cage will be sufficient, whereas a large bird needs a wider cage so that it can spread its wings without touching the walls of the cage. Some other specifications of the cage have to be checked carefully while selecting it online. For example, bar spacing should not be more than half-inch apart for small birds like Love Birds or Parakeets. For bigger birds, however, you should buy a cage in which bars are placed horizontally instead of vertically so that they cannot escape easily. In reputed online stores you will get all types of cages at a reasonable rate.

People buy bird cage ( ) and bird food ( ) from online shops because they can select from a wide range of products.

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