How Can I Buy Branded Clothes Online Without Emptying My Pockets?
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How Can I Buy Branded Clothes Online Without Emptying My Pockets?

The trendsetter in you knows what’s hot and what’s not. And when you see some of the gorgeous styles coming off the ramp from some of the most loved and sought-after brands, you can only wish and salivate.

Because, let’s face it, branded clothes and accessories cost a bomb. And even if you have deep pockets, how deep can you really go? All you’re left to do is regretfully flip through fashion magazines, unable to give in to your wishes.

But what do they say, every cloud has a silver lining. And the world of fashion has one too. Did you ever try to buy branded clothes online? How that helps, you might wonder.

Allow us to tell you how you can fill your wardrobe with some of your favourite brands, without the attached price tag.

#1 Look for ‘other’ collections

If you thought a brand has just one line of clothing, you thought wrong. Nearly every high-end brand has several others under it. They come from the same house, offer you the same style and quality that you would expect from the mother brand, but are so much more affordable.

Specifically look for:

Capsule Collections: Designers sometimes make a few staple pieces in collaboration with other brands. These are often then mass manufactured, bringing prices down considerably. Word of caution: these have a limited run, so they’re gone quickly.

Bridge Lines: Sometimes a high-end designer ties up with a low-priced retailer, bringing an expensive brand within the affordability bracket. Only flip side is designers don’t have much control over the manufacturing, so quality might not be up to the standard.

Lower-cost collection: A few designers also make a separate line that is trendier and in line with current fashion. You might have to look deep, but then, it’s worth the effort to own something of your favourite designer.

#2 Watch out for flash sales

Some websites specialise in offering bulk discounts on certain designers. Often they buy clothes in bulk, at cheaper rates, and they ship them to the purchaser. The website makes money, the designer saves on packaging and shipping, and you get to buy branded clothes online, for cheap.

#3 Shop in the off-season

Off-seasons sales often mean deep discounts and bargains that you won’t get otherwise. It doesn’t hurt to buy summer dresses in winter and hold on for a few months. The money that you save, and the designer label that you get, is totally worth the extra space that the clothes take up. Just make sure you don’t buy something that’s so trendy that it’s out of fashion by the time you get it out. Stick to classics.

#4 Ever considered pre-owned?

Do you know another way to score designer clothing is to check out online thrift stores? Yes, you can buy branded clothes online, and at really unexpectedly low prices. The clothes are checked for style, quality and damage before they are put up for sale. So you get perfect clothes, at perfect prices too.

#5 What about sale websites?

Just like stores have clearance sales, some websites focus only on picking up clearance goods, cheap, and passing on the discount to customers. Yes, you might have to wait a while before you see something that you like, but isn’t patience a virtue, especially when it comes to branded clothes?


The next time you are looking for high quality designer clothes, don’t go to a store. Instead, buy branded clothes online with these tips.

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