Office Cleaning Services Singapore & Other Home Needs At An Affordable Price
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Office Cleaning Services Singapore & Other Home Needs At An Affordable Price


In our home, we need some services from outsiders; we require these services in good quality and also at an affordable cost. Because of the numerous number of home service work providers in Singapore, we are here to connect the gap between the customers and businesses. SGHomeNeeds provides the customers their required home needs promptly and with good service. SGHomeNeeds provides exactly the type of work you are looking for and is ready to provide the service as quickly as possible. We provide all the services from broken pipes repair, interior design, toilet fixtures and any others services you require. We just need you to place state your requirement in the HomeMatch form and you will then be provided the best business for your needs.

HomeMatch offers customers 3 benefits:

  • Time Saver
  • Greater options
  • Entirely complimentary

SGHomeNeeds provides the services of your requirements in short period and reduces the burden of the search of these services by yourself. In our database, we have an abundance of service providers to choose from such that we will provide with the most ideal one possible, according to your requirements. SGHomeNeeds assures the highest quality assurance by doing our due diligence, so that customers do not need to worry about the services provided by our registered professionals.

The various services provided by SGHomeNeeds in the area of Singapore are as follows:

  • Appliance maintenance and repair
  • Cleaning products
  • Cleaning services
  • Green home
  • Home moving
  • Home security
  • Home theatre
  • Interior designing
  • Outdoor home
  • Pest control
  • Renovation help
  • Senior care
  • AirCon and ventilation

 Interested professionals should register their business on our website and provide details of what services they can fulfil. We look for trusted partners and we hope to bring these trusted partners quality leads. We are committed to growing along with all our registered professionals and will serve them by providing them the best lead matches. We provide HomeMatch Pro Guarantee to all our registered professionals quality assured service so as to assure professionals of the quality of our leads. Professionals are also obliged to follow the rules of the Home Match Guarantee for customers so that we can provide the best services for our customers.

We verify our merchants through various methods such as checking ACRA registration information, checking of reviews and ratings, and ensuring the professional has good past records. These checks are essential in providing the best, trusted services to the customers.

Some services that can be found on our SGHomeNeeds include Dry cleaning Singapore and Part Time Cleaning Services Singapore . Our database includes laundry and cleaning businesses and from this database, customers can choose the best professional from all the professionals listed on our platform. Our database also contains professionals providing office cleaning services in Singapore. You can easily search for and talk to professionals that provide quality services at an affordable price. There are professionals who provide professional cleaning services in Singapore and House Cleaning Singapore  as well. If you require any services for your home and office, SGHomeNeeds is here to serve you whenever possible. Please feel free to contact us.



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