Is It Possible To Create A Website Quickly, Cheaply, Individually And Qualitatively?
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Author: samstayer
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Is It Possible To Create A Website Quickly, Cheaply, Individually And Qualitatively?

In order not to mislead you, at once I will make a reservation that I do not know how it is possible to carry out development simultaneously both quickly and cheaply, both individually and qualitatively. But if you cross out one thing, then there is a solution.

I will not write about ways to get a poor-quality result, to meet a contractor for development within the framework of this paradigm will not make any problem.


We create websites quickly, efficiently and cheaply.

We register on the SaaS-service, select a template, enter information - and here we have a ready-made web site. Design, however, the standard and functional did not expand, but the other conditions are met. This is the best approach for testing business ideas, as well as for the smallest business.


We develop websites qualitatively, cheaply and individually.

Find such a proposal is quite realistic - often for this purpose apply to familiar experts. But "friends" usually have a "cheap" project lasting a long time, and if the work is done almost for free, then it runs almost endlessly.


In times of serious cash gaps, or just during difficult times, some professional contractors can dump, but there are other risks, since a company with internal problems is not the optimal contractor.


There are still young companies that have just entered the market - their prices are often lower than the market, and the quality is quite adequate. But there is a risk that the Contractor's business processes will not be developed, and there is a high probability that this company will cease to exist within a year and there will be no way to support the project: the first year in our business, five percent of the companies that are being opened survive. If there is time to find a Contractor and wait for the result, you are not afraid of the designated risks, then this option is right for you.


We create websites individually, qualitatively and quickly.


Here, "fast" is worth reading as "in real terms," ​​and the absence of the criterion "cheap" is perceived as "at market prices." In fact, this segment is the majority of professional companies that have worked on the market for more than five years, such as the web agency WebiProg - specializing in developing quality modern online stores and corporate websites. This option is optimal for those customers who are not satisfied with the previous two options

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