Installing GPS Trackers
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Many businesses need to keep track of their employees and their fleet and they spend a lot of time and money into monitoring them. The good news is that fleet tracking is possible, and it brings many advantages in discussion. GPS trackers help in many situations, they can be installed easily and there are many devices to choose from, having all sorts of features.

It is frustrating for both drivers and callers to always being asked about their location and how much they have left until they reach their destination. A lot of time can be saved thanks to fleet tracking, as employers can see drivers on the map, in real-time. They can see where the driver stopped, for how long, if they are arriving in time and such. Customers can also be notified when the shipment is going to arrive, as the office staff sees the fleet and can easily calculate how more they have until they reach them. In the unfortunate case of something going own, the vehicle breaks down or such, assistance will reach the driver faster, as the location is easily spotted.

Drivers’ safety always comes first, and it happens in many cases to drive during bad weather, for example. If a long period of time goes by and the driver is not responding, using GPS trackers their location is established, and calls are responded without any issues. Ever employee appreciates when they know they are taken care of and that they are able to get help when needed. It might seem for many that trackers follow them up everywhere and monitor all their moves, but in fact, it is for their own good. In case the vehicle is stolen, its location is easily detectable thanks to the tracker and the business representatives or the police can recover it quickly.

Another important aspect is regarding the insurance companies and the costs involved. Insurance premium discounts are offered to companies and individuals that have a vehicle GPS tracker, as they know the benefits involved and appreciate the effort of taking extra safety measures. The tracker is connected to other devices, such as mobile phones and laptops. This means that notifications are sent when something takes place. There can be cases when vehicles are moved by drivers without permission or when they get stolen. With a quick SMS or email, actions are taken, and you know exactly what happens at every step.

Reports are given to employers regarding kilometers travelled each day, travel hours, speeding, how many stops have been taken, total distance and such. Using all this information, it is a lot easier to keep track of every employee and to rely on data, not just on what is filled personally in reports. Such data comes in handy for determining how used a vehicle is, if repairs are needed, inspections have to be done and such.

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