Overview Of Final Year Project
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Overview Of Final Year Project

Final Year Project (FYP) it is a Major part of our Engineering to accomplish our Degree. The Objective of the FYP is Completely Diverse , but substantial. The Actual Design of the FYP is,   Generous Ideas of Students are put together, Finding Alternate Solution for the Problems, picking out the best one and applying that to bring out the Result of the Product.  Yes Pretty Interesting. But nowadays students just enhancing  the Existing system with a slight modulation.

Why FYP?

  • No option Left out, to attain your Degree Successfully FYP is Mandatory.
  • FYP will help drastically To Get Specialised in a Particular field in which we are interested.
  • Will enhance your Research oriented thoughts and implementing them with the Integrating Materials
  • Helps you to understand the Significant Benefit of Team work and the Responsibilities towards FYP.
  • A circumstance to expose our knowledge.
  • Can Experience the similar exposure that you might face in the real working environment.

But the Fact is Many people are comparatively paying Attention in Theoretical part to score Good Grades in Academy. But it won’t help , if you didn’t pack yourself self with Practical Knowledge. Even if you Wanna to place in our Core oriented Company. One Should At least able to present your final year Project Effectively. And that’s why FYP is more important, it plays a Major role to decide your career.

In that case How to choose the Domain for FYP:

There is no common statement that “This field have much more Scope compared to others”. It’s Purely Depends on your own Interest. So no matter whatever Domain you pick. But Note that the process should be Research based and should include Latest tools and Technology in your project. 

Yet  will list out the most Common domain (for Every Department)

  • Networking And Information System Security
  • Wireless & Mobile Based Communication and Applications
  • Intelligent System, AI / Expert System / Pattern Recognition / Multimedia
  • Communication System / VLSI / Embedded Technologies
  • System Applications / Storage And Database
  • Digital Signal Processing / Speech Processing / Image Processing


To complete the Project at least work on it for 3 months. Know the abstract of your project, Collect all the references, Make an Review on it . Design and Analyse the product to implement. Evaluate the problem that you have gone through and make it successful and Finally present it . If you have Interest then go for the Conference or Journal publication.  Either complete the project on your own with your Mentor Guidance nor  Demand Guidance from the project Centre .it’s up to your choice. But just make use of your FYP session effectively.

Remember that Expert in anything was once a Beginner . so Have  courage to accomplish your final  semester project.

Happy reading.

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