How To Hire Freelancers Easily For Your Startup?
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How To Hire Freelancers Easily For Your Startup?

If you’re a startup, you probably cannot afford to hire an entire fleet of employees right from the start although your business prospects are quite good. Or, you are probably trying to do smart work and know there is a whole world of agile talent out there that can increase delivery speed and perform well – a boon indeed if you plan it perfectly. When you hire freelancers for your startup, you overcome a business plateau and you tap into an ever-growing pool of talent. Be it someone for graphic design or if you want to hire a PHP programmer online, the talent pool has much to offer. You can even hire a mobile app developer, an SEO strategist or even a virtual assistant if you know how to go about the job. Are you ready to get started? Here’s how you can get the best freelancer online for your startup.

1. Use Old Connections

Old connections could be either old business associates, old colleagues or anyone whose resumes you’ve come across. Sometimes the best freelancers are right there within your list of contacts so look through resources till you absolutely run out of them. Also, check with people to whom you’re connected if there is anyone within their network whom they would recommend. The world is much smaller now with communication made so easy so take a couple of minutes to shoot out a mail to your connections to find out if they have used or recommend any freelancers.

2. Use Online Resources

If none of your connections work out for you, use online resources that deal with your field of work to find a freelancer. For instance, if you’re looking for a person or a team to handle a mobile app, sign up with a site such as that allows employers and freelancers to collaborate. This lets you tap into a pool of global talent to hire freelance app developers for your project. The great part about online resources is that they are ever growing and global talent pools make hiring freelancers quick and painless. Freelancers constantly get on board to get freelance projects online, so if you’re out there looking to hire a freelance web developer or a virtual assistant, online resources will help you.

3. Have Practical Costs In Place

A saying goes that “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”. The saying originally implied that you can achieve much more by being nice than by being rude, but it also applies when you are trying to hire freelancers. If you have a specific project to complete, you no doubt have timelines and a budget. Your business runs on profits so you’d definitely like to make as much money as possible. However, avoid going the cheap route. The best freelancers are not available for cheap labor so respect their talent if you’d like to get the best of their services. While you may be tempted to go with someone who is willing to work for as little as $5 an hour, there’s a big difference between a professional freelancer and one who is just out to supplement his income with a few extra bucks.

It can take quite a lot of work to hire freelancers for your startup, but it’s certainly a great way to work. You get to save money, tap into some amazing talent and your liability is much less than when hiring regular employees. So be as elaborate as possible when listing your requirements, tap into your connections, search for talent on sites such as and offer a reasonable pay if you are to hire the best freelancer online to get the job done.


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